Please ask our technician if you would like any of our products listed when he calls.

Steel Kleen

Removes Fingerprints,smears,waterspots & casual grime with an easy wipe. Stainless Steel surfaces are restored to a brilliant luster with no annoying streaks!

Price: $11.00

ScalexPlus Appliance Cleaner & freshener

The performance of your washing machine & dishwasher can quickly become affected by grease & food deposits, as well as detergent residue, lime scale deposits and calcium build-up. Use ScalexPlus to deodorise and freshen your appliance.

Price: $12.00

Lint Filter

What’s the condition of your lint bag. After a while the bag only collects 1/2 of what should be collected as the holes in the bag block or clog with fabric softner. We have lint bags to suit the Simpson/Westinghouse and F&P Brands.

Price: Simpson $16.00, Fisher & Paykel $40.00

Touch Panel

Is the buttons on your smartdrive or simpson washer cracked. Replace it now before moisture damages the display PCB causing costly repairs.

Price: Smartdrive $31.00, Simpson $35.00